Site Overview & Development Goals

Exit 29 Redevelopment Project Site Plan

Western 7.3 acres remain available for development with potential uses ranging from commercial manufacturing, mixed-use housing, corporate office development or other activities.

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Eastern 19.6 acres of the site are set to be developed as the manufacturing and production facility for E29 Labs, a commercial cannabis production company.

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Existing on-site infrastructure including 13.2 kVa electrical line, 6” gas supply line, two-million gallons per day in water pressure, and an 18” sewer line.

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Project Overview

The former Beech-Nut facility sits in the heart of the Village of Canajoharie, a quaint town on the Mohawk River in New York’s Capital District. The Imperial Packing Company, later known as Beech-Nut Nutrition, started operations on the site in 1891 with the company operating its manufacturing and corporate headquarters at the location until it relocated into a state-of-the-art facility in the nearby Town of Florida in June 2010.

The Village and Montgomery County acquired the property in 2017, creating the opportunity to begin redevelopment of the iconic site encompassing 26.9 acres.


E29 Labs

In March 2021, the New York State Legislature authorized the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), which legalizes the adult-use cannabis industry in the state. The new industry is expected to generate tens of thousands of jobs. E29 Labs is now pursuing a license through the New York State Office of Cannabis Management with plans to cultivate cannabis plants and manufacture recreational cannabis products.

The business has proposed building a multi-million-dollar cannabis cultivation operation on the eastern portion of the former Beech-Nut property. E29 Labs projects it will hire upwards of 125 employees for Phase 1 of its multi-phase plan, with aspirations of building a company that would employ as many as 500 people in a variety of good-paying jobs.


Exciting Commercial, Residential or Retail Opportunity

Montgomery County, in partnership with the Village of Canajoharie, is also seeking developers that share the community’s vision to revitalize the western portion of the former Beech-Nut property.  The opportunity for complete redevelopment or adaptive reuse of the existing buildings is significant and will complete the site’s transformation into a productive, vibrant, walkable project that compliments and enhances quality of life in the Village.

Encompassing approximately 7 acres, including the remaining remediated former Beech-Nut corporate headquarters (“Building 17’) and the cold storage buildings. Like the eastern portion of the site, the western portion is electric and water ready, and includes a high water, sewer, electric and gas infrastructure that has been maintained for future development purposes. The property remains available for development with potential uses ranging from commercial manufacturing, mixed-use housing, corporate office development or other activities.

Unlimited Potential

The former Beech-Nut site located at Exit 29 on the NYS Thruway in upstate New York offers unlimited potential for development across numerous industries from commercial and industrial uses to residential housing and entertainment venues. The Exit 29 Redevelopment Project is fully supported both by Montgomery County and village residents who are eager to welcome the right developer to their vibrant and enthusiastic community.

From breathtaking local scenery to a passionate community there is no better development opportunity in upstate New York.

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